About Us

    With the desire to channel The Mousai from all avenues, we are happy to finally take this next step in launching Artistic Throttle's web presence. Artistic Throttle is the creative outpouring of all things music as imagined from Jazzy. She created the initial platform for AT in 2010 as an alternative to the standard bike night. Now, she is thrilled to have both Kalliope-Euterpe and Kleio serve as the official faces for Artistic Throttle.
    Please come join us in this journey that is focused on bringing you music in another format, both live and previously recorded, with new artists seeking to have the pleasure of sharing their music with you. No worries, we will still continue to play the music from the known artists as well. As we grow our web and social media based presence, we hope to eventually see you back inside of a brick and mortar location we can call home.
    We ARE your weekend internet radio station broadcasting Friday from 6:00 am EST until Sunday's at 11:59 pm EST. You can find the player on our station broadcasting page at Stay tuned...more is to come!

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